ESA stay & arm series and EH-arm seires are for digital underwater photography, to set up accessories which is strobe, light, lens and so on.
It can be attached to DX-adapter of Slot-stay2(S) or ERX-base. Length:190mm
Slot-stay 2 (S) + EH-grip +
EH-clamp + EH-arm100
ERX-base x2 + EH-grip x2 + EH-clamp x2 +
EH-arm100 + EH-arm175
Clog-shoe Flex
Double Flex-arm (S) attached with Slot-stay 2 (S).
Flex-arm (S) attached
It can be attached directry to shoe of strobe unit for simple setting. Length:106mm
Flex type of arm with 185mm length.
Longer type of Flex arm. The length is 315mm.
Clamp for EH-arm.













By adjusting the position of Slot and fixing bolt on the plate and most of underwater housing can be accepted. Simple and compact Stay. Length:265mm




Many of housing can be attached because there are two slot holes.

It can adjust the position of adapter to size of housing.

It fix a housing strongly by adjustment of two adapters.




adapter for which can accept double Flex-arm.
Short type of Slot-stay 2. Length:223mm